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First Presbyterian Preschool was struggling with a website design that was very formal and difficult to manage. We needed a comprehensive marketing tool that was informative, fun and easy to navigate not only for teachers and administrative staff but also for parents as they look for information about their child’s class and the school and for parents who are searching for information on a new preschool.
Rob Collins met with the staff and members of our board to get input on the goals and objectives of a new website. From this input he quickly designed a fresh new logo, set up a website and conducted multiple trainings for teachers and administrators. He easily added forms for payments, registrations, and applications that could be completed online. His training was simple to follow and all updates were easily made by the staff. 
Rob has been readily available and willing to help with questions and updates. First Presbyterian Preschool will continue to use Rob as our website manager and recommend his services.

Becky Mauck

Maybe this sounds trite, but Rob listens. He cares. He delivers value over and above expectations. Every time I contact him about a project, I am overwhelmed at the depth of his response and his creativity. He has taken my ideas and made them look and sound better than I could imagine. I'm proud of the work we have done together.  

Joel Morgan

My website still wouldn't be complete if it weren't for the lightning fast, impeccable and creative work of Rob Collins. Combining the qualities of both a visionary and a perfectionist, Rob built the website of my dreams from scratch—in record time. A good listener, he created exactly what I wanted. A good teacher, he made what he created easy for me to navigate and use. 

It's been an utter relief to leave the technical aspects of my online magazine in his competent hands so I can reserve my time and energy for the content. Rob is a joy to work with and has made the creation and maintenance of my online presence not only possible, but delightful as well. 

Valley Haggard

Rob listened to our ideas, wants, and hopes to create our new website. He has maintained our site since the beginning and has improved it with online registration and payment for events, added videos, and offered helpful suggestions for continual improvements. I would highly recommend him!

Terrie Sears