I’m an American filmmaker, and podcast producer. I am seeking to hire a freelancer / intern / assistant (paid) to help me with a narrative factual audio podcast (like a radio series) I am producing in Scunthorpe 17-31 October. (I live and work in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. but will be in the Scunthorpe area for that time.)

There is an element of investigation to the project, and so I need someone who could help me with research, locating people, and securing interviews. Ideally this person would also be willing to be heard in the podcast (me asking them questions, etc.). 

The time requirements are flexible, but some availability 17-31 October required. Proximity to the Scunthorpe area is a plus, but not required; much of the work could be done remotely, with perhaps one trip to Scunthorpe. 

No specific experience required, just someone who’s smart and organized, interested in journalism and digital media, and would be comfortable calling strangers or knocking on their door (with me) to ask for an interview. 

Pay is negotiable, and the position would also be credited in the podcast as desired, for resume, etc. Thanks!


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Tell me about yourself: Where do you live/work? Any experience or education in any related fields? Knowledge of how to locate people and court documents? Availability 17-31 October?
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